Congratulations for stepping up to the mission of gaining a Diploma of Life Coaching, we look forward to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals as soon as you are ready to begin.

In this online members area you have access to hundreds of recorded webinars that you can revisit time and time again after each coaching session, to continuously improve your coaching skills. In this program there is a large focus on Leadership and commitment to excellence, starting off with self-leadership and our own commitment to excellence. You may have heard the expression ‘practice what you preach’ meaning that we must be the shining example to attract the clients that we would like to have as clients.

Welcome to the Cert IV in Life Coaching online members area, here you will find excellent resources and webinars to help you through your studies and to assist you to set up your coaching practice. Please explore this area in detail, so that you become familiar with all your documents and webinars.

We highly recommend that you return to listen to the webinars repeatedly – because we believe that you must be able to share and practice the learnings from the webinars to truly understand the concepts available to you. Should you complete a coaching session where in hind sight you believe it could have been delivered better, feel free to revisit the webinars to identify areas that could have been improved. If you take this approach to your coaching studies, right from the beginning foundation skills, your advanced coaching techniques are going to be even more awesome!

Templates can be rebranded with your business branding and we also suggest you add your own personal flavour to our copy.